The History Of Lutz, Florida

The first settlement in the Lutz area was a colony of German Catholics led by Father Xavier A. Stemper. The settlement was located at the northwest end of Lake Hanna. The Stemper Post Office was established November 17, 1893 with Father Stemper as Postmaster. (Bruing Lake was renamed Lake Stemper.)

In 1908, lumberman and Railroad engineer W. P. Lutz connected the line from Odessa with the Tampa Northern Railroad. The point where these two lines met was them called Lutz Junction. Meanwhile, members of the North Tampa Land Company purchased 32,000 acres of land in northern Hillsborough County near Stemper. Although the nucleus of a town already existed at Stemper, the Land Company chose to set up the company town - - called North Tampa --at Lutz Junction. The first settlers arrived in 1911. The land Company built the first school and donated land for churches and a cemetery.

The voting place was moved to North Tampa, but the Post Office was still a mile away at Stemper. Postmaster George Sibthorpe put in an application to transfer the Post Office to North Tampa. It was approved, but the name of the town was changed to Lutz to avoid confusion with Tampa. Lutz was officially born on January 27, 1913.

Adapted from information obtained from the Lutz Branch Library

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